8.45oz (250ML) Zoono Microbe Surface Shield

8.45oz (250ML) Zoono Microbe Surface Shield

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Need a small bottle of Zoono Microbe Shield to touch up high traffic areas? Or maybe, you just want a spray bottle in all rooms of your house to protect you? This self-administered product is so easy to use: spray on and let dry, It's That easy! This bottle will cover from 300-500 Sq Feet

Zoono Microbe Shield is a long-lasting antimicrobial technology that creates a barrier that is actively and consistently reducing microbial loads on surfaces by using physics to keep odor-causing bacteria and mold off surfaces.

This water-based product is a revolutionary, highly effective antimicrobial technology proven to continuously inhibit the growth of mold and odor-causing bacteria.

This innovative technology is proven to keep treated surfaces in a dramatically higher state of sustained hygiene that can be achieved with traditional disinfection products or practices. 


Zoono Surface Sanitizer compliments your existing cleaning routine and keeps surfaces safe from odor-causing bacteria. Zoono will not wash off during your routine cleaning procedures.


Zoono Microbe Shield does not use alcohol or dangerous chemicals.

PROVEN: Zoono is scientifically proven to be effective against 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria. 

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- 8.45oz (250ML) Zoono Microbe Shield